PURE CHECKUP | The future is a one way destination!

How do you organize a one-way trip to Mars? And what are the odds extraterrestrial life exists and you will ever encounter alien life? These questions may look like very trivial science fiction, but we invited two key note speakers on our next SecureLink Checkup Seminar that have an amazing story related to these questions. No airy-fairy stuff, but real science based projects that will blow your mind. Meaning: Pure Checkup material!

It’s more than likely these are not the business challenges you are facing today, but our digital world is changing with warp speed and so following business questions should be addressed within every organization:

What security risks are we willing to take and do we take enough measures to counter the risks we don’t want to take?
Do we have the right infrastructure to handle the changing business models and support us for the next 5 to 10 years?
Is my IT staff equipped with all the necessary knowledge to handle the vast security and infrastructure complexity?

Why should you attend our seminar?

As an IT professional there’s no doubt you’re passionate about the latest evolutions and trends within the digital transformation. You’ll see this evolution is taking us beyond the Earth. At the Checkup Seminar you’re at the right place to learn more and be inspired.

We create a 1 day platform where 16 of the most innovative leading technology vendors will show you how their technology can help you keep track of the ever more complex digital transformation.

We call these short demo sessions the ‘Technology Test Flights’ and you can choose between various topics and technologies, depending on your interest.

Next to these practical demos we’re presenting 2 inspiring Break-out sessions & 5 Key Note sessions ‘recharging’ you for another exciting year! For the techies amongst you: you can even follow a Hacking Workshop!

Other hot topics that will be covered:

  • ♦  It’s happening as we speak: how mankind is preparing to colonize Mars
  • ♦  How easy it is to compromise your digital infrastructure?
  • ♦  How you can handle the every more complex security threats?
  • ♦  What are the consumer trends in the digital evolution?
  •   ICT priorities for the business market to achieve economic growth
  •   Will we ever encounter extraterrestrial lifeform?
  •   ….

It doesn’t matter where you go – Mars or elsewhere – we’ll always find Security is the glue that holds everything together.

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