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What our Clients say

  • Over het seminarie zelf kan ik bondig zijn: het was af. Perfecte omgeving, perfecte aankleding, goede catering, interessante sprekers en een grote opkomst. InfoSecurity & StorageExpo hebben er een klein broertje bij! Als u er dit jaar niet bij was, zou ik als de bliksem klant worden bij SecureLink om uw ticketje voor volgend jaar veilig te stellen ;-).

    — Checkup 2014 —
  • Thank you for a inviting me to this very professional event. All the work and preparation that went into it clearly payed off! Not only was the content of both the presentations and the technical test flights very useful and ad-hoc, but you succeeded in bringing it in very professional setting. I particularly liked the uniform booth buildup and agenda. Impressive,  I learned a lot, networked great and have a better understanding of what SecureLink stands for, so thanks to your team for the organisation of this successful event!

    — Checkup 2013 —
  • Checkup was very good last year and this year was more of the same. Good presentations, practical and interesting demo’s and a lot of interesting people to talk with. Good work, congrats!”

    — Checkup 2014 —
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